Biodiversity Conservation

Biodiversity Conservation

Scientific research and socioenvironmental innovation. Impact actions with community participation and education in the Atlantic Forest, Amazon, Pantanal and Cerrado.

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Education for sustainability

Education for sustainability

At ESCAS - School of Environmental Conservation and Sustainability, we share knowledge and form leaders for conservation and sustainable development.

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Nature Articles: Distance to range edge determines sensitivity to deforestation

Distance to range edge determines sensitivity to deforestation It is generally assumed that deforestation affects a species consistently across space, however populations near their geographic range...

In honor of Don Melnick

IPÊ increases the Atlantic Forest Corridors in Pontal do Paranapanema

Sewing the Future

Sewing the Future involves 12 families in a joint income generation and environmental conservation project. We train women to sew and embroider purses and shirts with motifs depicting animal species studied by IPE.

The manufacture of such articles has guaranteed these women a significant increase in family income. The project has shown that it is possible to combine business, conservation and sustainability. The initiative is aligned with the principles of the Fair Trade movement, which proposes expanding market access to small and/or economically disadvantaged farmers.

The articles produced portray the Brazilian fauna and flora. These products encourage environmental reflection on the part of those who consume them and those who produce them. Whilst the women participate in training workshops, they also receive information about conservation practices and shares experiences and ideas on the subject.

The designs are created by designer Sarita Dal Pozzo, who has worked for such brands as Ellus, Levi's, Sommer and Zoomp. Sarita teamed up with IPE because she believed that nature and fashion share much in common, and that fashion can promote social and environmental advancement.

Many of the prints used in the collections are created by Ana Laet, a designer who develops patterns for Maria Bonita, Le Lis Blanc and Huis Clos.

Thanks to the collaboration of our volunteer stylist and designer, the products have done very well, even attaining international market acceptance. The women's group is in the process of forming an independent cooperative.

Generate sustainable income alternatives, expand residents’ knowledge about nature and conservation, and promote entrepreneurship through collective initiatives.

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