Thematic Projects

Since 2012, IPÊ has been expanding its research area with business partners, aiming to understand the impacts of its practices on ecosystems. Thus, between 2012 and 2014, carried out analyzes of the production chain of Danoninho, product of the French company Danone, and also developed studies on water and coffee in the Cerrado for the Nespresso manufacturer.

The initiative between the Institute and the companies observes the relation of the businesses of the companies with the ecosystem services, that is to say, with the benefits that the human being obtains of ecosystems. The goal is to understand how changes in the environment (climate change, deforestation, water scarcity) directly impact production and how business production impacts ecosystem services and biodiversity.

Thus, it is possible to detect the challenges and act more objectively for the conservation of natural resources and for the provision of ecosystem services, from which companies are dependent to maintain their activities.

The surveys are conducted using innovative biodiversity analysis technology that integrates DNA sequencers and can assess the quality of ecosystems more accurately.

The so-called R & D projects - Research and Development - seek answers to technological and market challenges based on originality and innovation. Biodiversity monitoring, analysis and evaluation of ecosystem services and valuation of Natural Capital are the IPÊ action lines in this line. Using its expertise in science and innovation, IPÊ seeks new technologies that can identify and evaluate more accurately the results of the work promoted by companies and institutions from various sectors that invest in sustainability.

Brazilian Conservation Units (UCs), while at the same time extremely important for protecting the country's biodiversity and sustainable use of natural resources, have low levels of implementation and face challenges to achieve their creation goals. In order to collaborate with the development of these protected areas, IPÊ carries out activities such as elaboration of management plans for these units, capacities and projects in partnership with managers, ICMBio (Chico Mendes Biodiversity Institute), state secretariats, municipal governments and other related organizations To the creation and implementation of PAs.